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I sat to write the August Blog and felt strongly that I am very perturbed by the chaos that is being experienced all over the world today. I notice a constant turmoil in the political world, war in Ukraine that was invaded by Putin without any provocation. Climate events like the fires in Spain and other parts of the globe, followed by floods and other destructive phenomena due to extreme heat and dryness. Many western counties have not experienced, in the past fifty years, the lack of fuel energy and the food is getting more and more expensive.

However, in these moments that seem to be so chaotic and depressing, I like to seek wise mentors and men with courage, who have gone that path before and are better for it, and ready to give us answers that connect with the SOUL. The personal Soul and collective Soul.

My Mentor, Michael Meade is my current Wise Man, who speaks and writes about the issues we are experiencing today - both culturally and environmentally. I have no words to add to the wisdom he is expressing, and I wish to share this with all of you readers.



To be alive at this time on Earth, is to be a witness, willingly or unwillingly, to the upheaval of the world. To be alive now means to be caught between the opposing poles of existence as many things polarize and conflicts multiply. All the great questions about life and death and all the fears of dissolution and destruction, now hang in the polluted air and troubled waters all around us.

The chaos we witness in the outer world repeatedly stirs the unconscious within us. On a collective level, that leads to a psychic overflow of fears and resentments that threatens to swamp whatever is left of civil society and the social contract. Even if we are willing to face the facts, the facts themselves keep changing as radical change at all levels of life may be the fact that most needs to be faced.

The scope and complexity of problems that face every government and every citizen are so great that an increasing fragmentation of parties and politics is also part of the reality we are challenged to witness and absorb. We are increasingly governed by insecure majorities and threatened by extreme minorities as patterns and institutions that may have provided a sense of wholeness in the past can rarely do so now.

To be alive at this time means being called to become consciously aware of more aspects of reality than most would choose to be. It means to be challenged to undergo an awakening of the soul, a shift of imagination and an expansion of identity to avoid being overwhelmed by the flood of changes surging through both nature and culture.

At this time, it is not simply a change in political perspective that we need, but rather a shift in archetypal understanding that we must find. To make such a fundamental change of awareness, it is helpful to know something about how archetypes work. An archetype is an original pattern that exists on a universal level that can affect human thinking, imagination, and behaviour. When activated, archetypes can connect the primordial, generative forces of life with the pressing issues of the world.

Archetypes are the original forms of life that continue to carry transformative power and boundless potentials. If we can recognize and assimilate an archetype, it can change our lives, help us grow and have a healing effect on the world. Although commonly associated with images of the final end of the world, it turns out that apocalypse refers to the initial phase of a greater archetypal process. The first phase of the archetype involves apocalypse, which has the sound of collapse in it. While the subsequent phase, termed ‘apocastasis,” carries the sense of restoration by virtue of a rebalancing and renewal of the world.

Archetypes carry intentions as well as powerful potentials and a restoration of the world is part of the intention and aim of the archetype of apocalypse. In this ancient way of imagining, the world renews by returning to its origins and reactivating original potentials. Thus, the new world that comes out of all the chaos and upheaval is the old, original world, renewed and reinstituted.

Amidst all the upheaval and uncertainties, we face, it becomes easy to fall into despair about the future of the earth. Strangely, just as so many things in the world become divided and polarized, scientific theories and religious beliefs now seem to parallel each other. As both statistics and scriptures predict apocalyptic scenarios, science, and religion, seemingly opposed for so long, finally find agreement in a fatalistic sense of the impending end of life on Earth.


Rationalists as well as fundamentalists can both miss the point that the exaggerated images and fears of apocalypse refer not simply to facts about the outer world, but more meaningfully to psychological conditions affecting the inner world of psyche and soul. By contrast, the archetype of apocalypse presents a paradoxical situation of dissolution and re-creation, rather than a predetermined or preordained outcome. In mythological terms, the world can end, but not completely as the end of one era secretly leads to the beginning of the next.

In accepting that we are amid a great turnaround that involves a shift of the underlying archetypes of life, we become more able to tolerate and understand the tragic events that threaten both nature and human culture. The question becomes whether the pattern of collapse and renewal takes place simply through the raw energies of the unconscious or does a transformation of life on earth develop with the conscious awareness and assistance of people living at this very time.

The archetype of apocalypse is related to the archetype of wholeness and to the sense of creation as an ongoing force of life. According to the old traditions, the original energies of creation try to enter the world through us, especially in times of crisis. As human beings capable of being conscious and aware, we are called and challenged to be a part of a transformation of life on earth that is already underway.

The wholeness that is missing in the outer world at this time cannot be found through a political process or be created through an agreement of ideas alone but must be found in the depths of the individual soul. The fragmentation and polarization that troubles the outside world is deeply felt and experienced within us. And that which is missing in the outside world must be sought for and be found within us as well.

The way we survive the feeling of  chaos is to find the creative energies and healing potentials within our souls and live with the courage of our own dreams, pulled on by the threads of our inner destiny. When enough people do that, the deep archetypal energies of restoration and renewal can find their ways into the world. Without anyone having to be overly heroic, we can assist and aid the archetypal dynamic through which the world falls apart only to renew and restore itself again.


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                                                                                       Climate change image from TIME magazine



Dear reader,


The month of July is significant in history. The French revolution of 1830; the American revolution or Independence Day (colloquially the Fourth of July).and many more important events that changed the world.

I am sitting at home and reflecting on the events of the current year. Again, the news is bad for everyone on this planet. The future has not much hope for humanity. The pandemic crisis, the war in Ukraine, the economic disasters are only a few examples how we are dealing both with Nature and Culture.

My favourite writer in the weekend Australian, Phillip Adams, just wrote an excellent article entitled “U.S. OF FAIL”. He reflected that the once Democratic Republic called “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is no longer united but BROKEN” – he said that it is a failed state.

  One example is what seems an endless shooting as people with guns enter schools and kill children. In the first 22 weeks the state had 246 deaths. And these are the consequences of wilful disregard of the old constitution that permits everybody to carry arms for ‘self-defence’ and the Rifle Association is spending millions of dollars promoting that old right.

And as we are still suffering the outcomes of the Pandemic crisis, some people are turning more and more their attention on the CLIMATE CHANGE issues and how the Pandemic can lead the world to a better, greener world.

Although we have known the science of climate change for many years now, there is still a lot of nations that are in a denial stage, but the reality is that in the last year or two, we have witnessed fires in Australia and California, flooding in India and earthquakes in Afghanistan. Pacific islands on the edge of being inundated, and there will be more to come.

Now, spurred by the alarming scientific facts, there is a growth of public fury everywhere. The deadly Pandemic is by enlarge being controlled by multiple vaccinations, most government, corporate bosses, and political leaders are finally waking up to a practical and necessary idea whose time has come and that is: CLIMATE CHANGE.

The notion that even in the darkest times, there are surely bright lights if we care about our Earth - collectively. A new definition has emerged from young people who are working as so called    ecopreneurs. The assumption that government leaders would lead the climate solutions, but recently the young entrepreneurs declared that “this is a war in which all nations must be allies” (Ed Felsenthal - Time editor).

I am now reflecting on a notion that has been for some time, but science is still confronting and that is that humanity will suffer a collective crisis and we may go the same way as the dinosaurs – become extinct! However, there are other people that believe that any crisis is an opportunity to change and learn from the consequences. Today I found two TIME magazines and one University of Toronto journal exploring the possibilities to resolve many cases such as:

1.      Eliminate carbon emissions much faster

2.      Improve youth mental health worldwide

3.      Prevention of a new pandemic

4.      Build robots for any purpose to facilitate the workforce

5.      Advances in artificial intelligence leading to a better future for all.

All these ideas and ideals are great but 7,8 billion people on Earth have not reached that stage and those ecopreneurs must lead the way to not only to do things better but also teach people how to be HUMANS. Here is an example of a professor in Toronto, Canada who has developed a teaching style called: COMPASSIONATE TEACHING that resulted from the shift to online teaching due to the pandemic. Determined to promote single acts of kindness among her students, she was able to reduce student mental health and inspire many to go out into the world and engage everyone in kind and compassionate activities.

Here is one way to enable yourself and others around you to be more human and this small exercise is a simple way to BE!

There are some questions to answer by yourself. Pause after reading these statements and reflect on: “I do not know” Realize that we are a vast mystery that holds you and all life.

1.      Become aware of that mystery that is your body. Note the trillions of synaptic connections in your brain. The 100 trillion of bacteria in your gut. Your liver processing millions of cleansing reactions. Your body is awash with in fluids, tubes of blood, urine, bile, and spinal fluid all collaborating to keep you healthy and well.

2.      Look into the eyes of a small child. See the spirit born into a new form. Where did this child come from? What will it become?

3.      Get a spoonful of soil. Discover that it contains billions of bacteria, millions of fungi, thousands of protozoa etc. There is more in a spoonful that is all the planets combined.

4.      Visit a cemetery and quietly contemplate death.

5.      Sit in a park and contemplate about love and desire.


We are all humans and when we accept our humanness, we discover a remarkable transformation.

by Jack Kornfield,

Finally, here is a quote from the Buddha who lived about 4,000 years ago:

Live in Joy and love

Even among of those who hate

Live in Joy and health

Even among the afflicted

Live in joy and peace

Even among the troubled

Free from fear and attachment

Know the sweet joy of THE WAY!



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Dear Reader,


Now that we are living in a “post Covid” era, and experiencing other major critical events, like wars, terrorism, climate changes and economic shifts, we may take a moment to gaze at the night sky and experience the wonder of SILENCE.

Become aware how vast is the Universe is and how eternal and we, as humans, are so temporary and small in comparison. Yet, the human being has invented (created) many survival tools. The ancient cave dwellers invented the wheel and the fire and domesticated wild animals.

One of the most fascinating inventions is TIME. All Zen masters and Buddhists knew well that time is only an illusion and is only a construct to count, organise and define, but the idea of past present and future time is a ‘model’ that keeps us thinking we are going forward.

In spite of many inventions of ‘time pieces’ over many centuries, like sundials, obelisks, Greek water clocks, hour glasses, the pendulum, monastery and church towers clocks chiming every 15 minutes to either call people to work or to attend a church service. Now we enjoy the wristwatch powered by a tiny battery and then came the mobile time clock always in our pocket.

My favourite newspaper commentator, Phillip Adams, who is about my age, states that he is not a relic of the past but a relic of the future. He states:

“My task is to save humanity from itself and I failed to alert you to the dangers of Covid -19. I tried and tried but would you listen? NO! Not any more than the everchanging fires, draughts, and dusty storms. It was a waste of time. My principal reason to attention here is to warn you about the present threat that awaits you and it is the persistent illusion of present, pat and future illusion that climate change is here and the scientific evidence states that we are in great peril”

Since time is an illusion, we have only one choice and that is act in the HERE AND NOW! We cannot help but to be in the NOW! This is clearly important in the times of war, terrors where gunmen kill children in schools. Inhumanity is not only destroying peace but also repeats itself all the time, again and again.

Perhaps in a mythical way. We are on a long journey to healing and all healing requires a wound. This collective wound can only be healed by a medicine that we all know and that is LOVE. Universal love is an energy that brings healing, and we can do this by taking action. Here are some ideas to reflect upon:


Intention is what focuses your mind like an arrow towards its target. It is your reason for doing something. While this sounds a lot like what a goal is intentions are like the impetus while goals are the destination. Intention is what pushes you forward, relentlessly. As such, they are extremely powerful and make no mistake, you will carry out and do whatever your intention is. Therefore, it is extremely important to set it up for action and not for thinking. If you were to observe the most successful people in our world, be it in terms of financial wealth or happiness, you’ll notice that their intention is completely focused on doing, not talking. While they may spend time talking about what they do, most of their time is spent carrying out what they preach. Thinking about doing something ultimately costs you more energy than actually doing the thing. There are many reasons as to why people refuse to do and are content with sitting there dreaming up different ideas and to do lists. A big reason is the ego. Your ego needs constant external validation and unfortunately, the nature of our society provides more exposure to people who talk about doing than those who actually do. The internet is full of self-proclaimed gurus who know nothing about what they're saying and only know how to manipulate their viewers' egos. By using the promise of an idea to improve one’s life, people are lured into thinking about them incessantly while providing the ego the short term boost it requires through validation of its intelligence, further driving people to seek this. Here’s the thing: Thinking is easy. Doing is the tough bit. It requires you to face problems and figure out solutions.

It requires you to make yourself vulnerable and be brave by opening yourself to feedback. People who never figure out their purpose in life tend to cower behind their egos, afraid of what sort of feedback they will receive. The way past this fear is to simply define your intention. What is your intention in life? Is it to placate your ego, or is it to live the best life you can? Define your intention, and you'll automatically find yourself propelled into action. This has the added benefit of opening yourself up to your heart and receiving negative feedback from the infinite knowledge. Always assume positive intent from everyone you interact with, including your heart. Assume everything is set up to help you improve and live life with greater joy and peace. You'll find that this turns into a reality.

Setting Intentions to Water The power of intention can be used to improve your daily life through some very simple practices. The first of these practices may cause a lot of controversies, but it has its share of believers. This is the practice of setting positive intention to water. The method was conceived by Masaru Emoto, who is referred to as either a scientist or a pseudoscientist depending on which point of view you adopt. Through experiments he conducted on setting positive intentions to water, Emoto claimed to find that the crystals of water which were formed by imparting positive emotion were of a more beautiful structure than those that were imparted with a negative energy. Thus, he postulated that the energy transmitted through our intentions has a real impact on the molecular structure of water. Given that our bodies are almost entirely made of water, this is quite significant. There are multiple ways of transferring positive energy into the water we drink. The first is to hold a glass of water in our hands and to repeat our intention either out loud or in our minds. Our intention could be either a short term focused, daily one or something connected to our long-term goals, it doesn't matter. As long as the emotion is positive and loving, you're on the right track. A good way to further energize the water is to visualize yourself carrying out your intention and doing things in the manner you wish to. By doing this, you’ll be recruiting the power of both your intention as well as visualization. Intention statements are not the only thing you can visualize and repeat.

Setting Intentions to Statements A far more palatable exercise for some might be the process of writing intention statements. These statements are affirmations that you can use to govern how you intend on living your life and what it is you would like to change. There are a couple of characteristics of these statements you should always incorporate, such as writing them in first person, using present tense. In other words, the subject of these statements should always be you and not someone else. This would simply be you trying to control someone else's actions, and that isn't in line with the way nature works. Instead, focus on controlling your own actions and reactions to triggers. The present tense is used to reinforce the fact that what you want in your life is real and that you have full faith that the universe will provide it for you. This is a step where quite a few people stumble. You see, you’ll have faith in the realization of things that you believe possible. However, the point of setting goals and intentions is to push your limits and to achieve something that is outside your comfort zone.

One thing to avoid is the use of words such as: try, but, and or. Your statements need to be as specific as possible. Specificity can be in the form of a quantifiable thing or in terms of emotion. What I’m saying is that you need to know if the goal or intention is met. So you can define reaching a goal in terms of feeling an emotion or in terms of something quantifiable.

Monitor your self-talk constantly since this is just another form of stating your intention. If you detect negative talk, reframe it to positive by using the phrases mentioned previously. Always reframe negative talk and don't let it pass by without questioning and challenging it. Do this, and over time you'll find that your brain will get the message automatically correct itself.

Shinohara, Ryuu. The Magic of Manifesting: 15 Advanced Techniques To Attract Your Best Life, Even If You Think It's Impossible Now (Law of Attraction) (p. 84). Kindle Edition.

Finally, this is a 'tongue in cheek' a "prediction" that many politicians are commenting now about 2030....


Ozone created by petrol & electric cars now killing millions in the seventh largest country in the world, LittleIndia , formerly known as Australia .

Tasmania executes last remaining Greenie.

White minorities still trying to have English recognised as Australia 's third language.

Children from 2 parent heterosexual families bullied in schools for being 'different'. 
Tolerance urged.

Gay Marriages now overtake heterosexual marriages as preferred 'lifestyle' choice

Kookaburra and platypus plague threatens North Western Australia crops and livestock.

Melbourne schoolgirl expelled for not wearing Burqa: Being a Christian is no excuse says school. Sharia law must be enforced. 

Japan announces that they will no longer consume whale meat as whales are now extinct and the scientific research fleet are unemployed. Australian Government have told the Japanese that Cane Toads taste like whale meat.

Australia now has 10 Universities of Political Correctness. Professor Goldman of ANU says there is still a long way to go in the fight to stop people saying what they think.

Australian Deficit $10 trillion dollars and rising. Government declares return to surplus in 100 years which is 300 years ahead of time. Prime Minister Mohammed Yousuf claims increased growth through more immigration secret to success.

Baby conceived naturally! Scientists stumped.

Iran still closed off; physicists estimate it will take at least 10 more years before radioactivity decreases to safe levels.

France pleads for global help after being taken over by Islamic Countries. ... No other country volunteers to come forward to help the beleaguered nation!

Castro finally dies at age 112; Cuban cigars can now be imported legally into the USA, but US President Chelsea Clinton has banned all smoking.

Jose Manuel Rodrigez Bush says he will run for second term as US President in 2032.

Australia Post raises price of stamps to $18 and reduces mail delivery to Wednesdays only.

After a 10-year, $75.8 billion study: Scientists prove diet and exercise is the key to weight loss.

Average weight of an Australian drops to 115 kgs.

Global cooling blamed for citrus crop failure for third consecutive year in Vicindia and New South India ....

Senate still blocking drilling in Canberra even though gas is selling for 5,000 Rupees per litre and gas stations are only open on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Supreme Court rules punishment of criminals violates their civil rights. Victims to be held partly responsible for crime.

Average height of professional basketball players is now nine feet, seven inches.

New federal law requires that all nail clippers, screwdrivers, fly swatters, and rolled-up newspapers must be registered by January 2035 as lethal weapons.

Australian Tax Office sets lowest tax rate at 75 percent.

Richmond Tigers won this year’s National Footy final beating the Hindu Hornets 20-11 to 13-18

South Asia (formerly Northern Territory ) voters still having trouble with voting machines.

I Love This Country! Don’t you?



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Dear Reader,

I am reflecting on the topic that celebrates EARTH DAY. I cannot imagine a more appropriate topic for all of us. In these days of global crises like the invasion of Russia on Ukraine and devastating the whole country, the Covid pandemic crisis that is still raging in some countries like China, and the most devastating crisis is the destruction of the planet Earth by human development. 

As a gestalt therapist, I am constantly practicing AWARENESS – HERE AND NOW. That practice is not only a theory but a real experience that we all can practice every minute of our day.

Having practice the experience of AWARENESS, I find that  all ideas, information and insights emerge as if from a deep pool of knowledge. To be more specific, I have discovered at least three sources, that I know of people that inspired me while their ideas just appeared for me recently in some writings and podcasts. They are: Matt Belcher, Carlos Castaneda and Wayne Dwyer. All three authors were in my library for many years and only this week, I found them in my hands as I was looking for my May reflections to write this blog. All authors have inspired me (again) in reflecting about EARTH DAY.

When we observe our planet, be it from a telescope, an image of a TV report, we see a shining globe just floating in space. Few people, busy with daily work and life challenges, stop and reflect what is this planet and why is it floating like a spaceship populated by millions of manifestations?

So, I do not have any answers but do relate to the three writers that inspired me to reflect on this topic. The essence of what I discovered by reading and reflecting is the word INTENT.

All three authors, in their own manner, have discovered this phenomenon, but in their own specific way. Matt wrote a small book that is entitled: THE LITTLE BOOK OF BIG CHANGE; Carlos Castaneda, THE TEACHINGS OF DON JUAN (he also authored several books on the theme of INTENT from a Mexican sorcerer); and Wayne Dyer THE ESSENTIAL COLLECTION.

In summary, Don Juan the Yaki sorcerer, states that we humans are not aware of the endless possibilities we must and can create. The key is INTENT. “In awareness the energy fields of the Universe are in sync with the human self.” This manifesting all of abundance.

Wayne Dyer writes with amazing clarity, and I am going to quote from his book. I suggest you read it!

Wayne Dyer - The Seven Faces of Intention


1.The face of creativity. The first of the seven faces of intention is the creative expression of the power of intention that designed us, got us here, and created an environment that’s compatible with our needs. The power of intention must be creative, or nothing would come into existence. It seems to me that this is an irrefutable truth about intention/spirit because its purpose is to bring life into existence in a suitable environment. Why do I conclude that the life-giving power of intention intends us to have life, and have it in increasing abundance? Because, if the opposite were true, life as we know it couldn’t come into form. The very fact that we can breathe, and experience life is proof to me that the nature of the life-giving Spirit is creative at its core. This may seem obvious to you, or in fact it may appear confusing, or even irrelevant. But what is clear is: You are here in your physical body; there was a time when you were an embryo, before that a seed, and before that formless energy. That formless energy contained intention, which brought you from nowhere to now here. At the very highest levels of awareness, intention started you on a path toward your destiny. The face of creativity intends you toward continued creativity to create and co-create anything that you direct your power of intention toward. Creative energy is a part of you; it originates in the life-giving Spirit that intends you.

2. The face of kindness. Any power that has, as its inherent nature, the need to create and convert energy into physical form must also be a kindly power. Again, I’m deducing this from the opposite. If the all-giving power of intention had at its core the desire to be unkind, malevolent, or hurtful, then creation itself would be impossible. The moment unkind energy became form, the lifegiving Spirit would be destroyed. Instead, the power of intention has a face of kindness. It is kind energy intending what it’s creating to flourish and grow, and to be happy and fulfilled. Our existence is proof to me of the kindness of intention. Choosing to be kind is a choice to have the power of intention active in your life. The positive effect of kindness on the immune system and on the increased production of serotonin in the brain has been proven in research studies. Serotonin is a naturally occurring substance in the body that makes us feel more comfortable, peaceful, and even blissful. In fact, the role of most antidepressants is to stimulate the production of serotonin chemically, helping to ease depression. Research has shown that a simple act of kindness directed toward another improves the functioning of the immune system and stimulates the production of serotonin in both the recipient of the kindness and the person extending the kindness. Even more amazing is that persons observing the act of kindness have similar beneficial results. Imagine this! Kindness extended, received, or observed beneficially impacts the physical health and feelings of everyone involved! Both the face of kindness and the face of creativity are smiling here.

3. The face of love. The third of the seven faces of intention is the face of love. That there’s a life-giving nature inherent in the power of intention is an irrefutable conclusion. What would we name this quality that encourages, enhances, and supports all of life, if not love? It’s the prime moving power of the Universal Spirit of intent. As Ralph Waldo Emerson put it: “Love is our highest word and the synonym for God.” The energy field of intention is pure love resulting in a nurturing and totally cooperative environment. Judgment, anger, hate, fear, or prejudice won’t thrive here. So, were we able to actually see this field, we’d see creativity and kindness in an endless field of love. We entered the physical world of boundaries and beginnings through the universal force field of pure love. This face of intention that is an expression of love wishes only for us to flourish and grow and become all that we’re capable of becoming. When we’re not in harmony with the energy of love, we’ve moved away from intention and weakened our ability to activate intention through the expression of love.

Thoughts and emotions are pure energy, some higher and faster than others. When higher energies occupy the same field as lower energies, the lower energies convert to higher energies. A simple example of this is a darkened room that has lower energy than a room bathed in light. Since light moves faster than non-light, when a candle is brought into a dark room, the darkness not only dissolves and disappears, but it seems magically converted into light. The same is true of love, which is a higher/faster energy than the energy of hate.

4. The face of beauty. The fourth of my seven faces of intention is the face of beauty. What else could a creative, kind, and loving expression be, other than beautiful? Why would the organizing intelligence of intention ever elect to manifest into form anything that’s repugnant to itself? Obviously, it wouldn’t. So, we can conclude that the nature of intention has an eternal interaction of love and beauty and add the expression of beauty to the face of a creative, kind, loving power of intention. John Keats, the brilliant young romantic poet, concludes his Ode on a Grecian Urn with: “’Beauty is truth, truth beauty,’ that is all/ Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.” Obviously, truth exists in the creation of everything. It’s true that it shows up here in form. It’s now here in a form that’s an expression of the invisible creative power.

5. The face of expansion. The elemental nature of life is to increase and seek more and more expression. If we could sharply focus on the faces of intention, we’d be startled. I imagine that one of the faces we’d see is a continuously expanding expression of the power of intention. The nature of this creative spirit is always operating to expand. Spirit is a forming power. It has the principle of increase, meaning that life continues to expand toward more life. Life as we know it originates from formless intention. Therefore, one of the faces of intention looks like something that’s eternally evolving. It might look like a tiny speck in a continuous state of duplicating itself, and then enlarging itself, and then moving forward, all the while continuing its expansion and expression.

6. The face of unlimited abundance. This sixth face of intention is an expression of something that has no boundaries, is everywhere at once, and is endlessly abundant. It’s not just huge, it never stops. This marvellous gift of abundance is what you were created from. Thus, you too share this in the expression of your life. You’re actually fulfilling the law of abundance. These gifts are given freely and fully to you just as the air, the sun, the water, and the atmosphere are provided in unlimited abundance for you. From the time of your earliest memories, you probably were taught to think in terms of limitations. My property starts here. Yours over there. So, we build fences to mark our boundaries. But ancient explorers gave us an awareness of the world as potentially endless. Even more ancient astronomers pushed back our beliefs about an immense dome-shaped ceiling covering the earth.

What all this means is that there are no limits to our potential as people, as collective entities, and as individuals. This is largely true because we emanate from the unlimited abundance of intention. If the face of the power of intention is unlimited abundance, then we can know that our potential for manifestation and attracting anything into our lives is the same. The face of abundance has absolutely no limits. Imagine the vastness of the resources from which all objects are created. Then consider the one resource that stands above all others. This would be your mind and the collective mind of humankind. Where does your mind begin and end? What are its boundaries? Where is it located? More important, where is it not located? Is it born with you, or is it present before your conception? Does it die with you? What colour is it?

7. The face of receptivity. This is how I imagine the seventh face, the receptive face of intention. It’s simply receptive to all. No one and no thing is rejected by the receptive face of intention. It welcomes everyone and every living thing, without judgment—never granting the power of intention to some and withholding it from others. The receptive face of intention means to me that all of nature is waiting to be called into action. We only need to be willing to recognize and receive. Intention can’t respond to you if you fail to recognize it. If you see chance and coincidence governing your life and the world, then the universal mind of intention will appear to you as nothing but an amalgamation of forces devoid of any order or power.

The face of receptivity smiles on me, as what I need flows to me from the Source, and the Source is receptive to my tapping into it to co-create books, speeches, videos, audios, and anything else that I’ve been fortunate enough to have on my résumé. By being receptive, I’m in harmony with the power of intention of the universal creative force.





Friday, April 1, 2022




Dear reader,


I am writing this on April Fool’s day and everyone knows that this is the day where people “fool” others with pranks.



April Fools’ Day is widely celebrated in Odessa and has the special local name Humorina – in Ukrainian Гуморина (Humorina). This holiday arose in 1973. An April Fool prank is revealed by the saying  which means “April the First, I trust nobody” – to the recipient. The festival includes a large parade in the city centre, free concerts, street fairs and performances. Festival participants dress up in a variety of costumes and walk around the city fooling around and pranking passers-by. One of the traditions on April Fools’ Day is to dress up the main city monument in funny clothes. During the festival, special souvenirs bearing the logo are printed and sold everywhere. Since 2010, April Fools’ Day celebrations include an International Clown Festival, and both celebrated as one. In 2019, the festival was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Odessa Film Studio and all events were held with an emphasis on cinema.

And then came the greatest “Fool” – the Russian PUTIN who attacked Ukraine in February 2022. Here no one was fooled nor trusted Putin. And now the reality of this man as leader, is discussed all over the world. So, this blog is a reflection about the evil character that depicts Putin as a psychopath and deranged man.

A definition of psychopath

Psychopathic individuals do not show regret and remorse. This was thought to be due to an inability to generate this emotion in response to negative outcomes. However, in 2016, people with antisocial personality disorder and dissocial personality disorder were found to experience regret but did not use the regret to guide their choice in behaviour. There was no lack of regret but a problem to think through a range of potential actions and estimating the outcome values. (Wikipedia)

Those who study leadership will note that in times of crisis, the false leader will want and demand more power. Putin emerged as a false leader and started to take over a peaceful country – Ukraine.

His attempt to be all powerful and create history the way he wants it, has produced huge damage not only to Ukraine but to all of Europe. He is manifesting a high state of narcissism and psychopathy and that makes him to disregard any suffering because he only has self-interest and control in mind.

When the good leader does not sacrifice himself for others, others must suffer by being sacrificed by him. Putin harbours great delusions of grandeur (his inner circle call him (”Zar”) as a history making leader, and therefore is obsessed about winning at all costs. However, beneath this enormous Ego hides a great feeling of inadequacy and a deep sense of inferiority. He is hiding his fragility and a deep sense of internal weakness as a man. Any slight protest against Putin and his government quickly creates arrests and sending thousands to the Gulag internment camps.


The self-worth of a psychopath calls upon treating any encounter as a must win because loosing means total self-obliteration. Despite their exaggerated show of power, psychopaths refuse to accept the possibility that they are wrong even with ample evidence that all can see the facts.

In the case of Ukraine, Putin showed a typical reaction of a psychopath, he visualized a ‘united' Russia that included several countries, but Ukraine was the showcase of his attempt to conquer and win.

The Ukrainians are standing up to the enemy with admirable valour, but the cards are not stacked in their favour. Russian military planning might have been wrong in assuming that Ukraine would fold after a minor, light-touch “incursion.” If an easy military victory and a sustainable occupation overseen by a Kremlin-appointed satrap are out of reach, Russia’s firepower and the regime’s disregard for human life remain real. If Putin cannot turn Ukraine into a part of his demented dream of a new Russian world, he still has the capacity to reach for a second-best outcome by turning the country into rubble.

Time heals every wound and time will be telling the world what will be the next historical move and such moves are revealed in ancient stories.

I am now recalling an ancient story from India told by Michael Mead, my Mentor and mythologist. The story comes from the ancient VEDAS that are teaching and healing stories. Their medicine called AYURVEDA is one of the most effective medical practices dating back thousands of years.

As we enter a period in history where the so-called democracies are failing and autocratic leaders are emerging everywhere, this story teaches us to really understand the psychopath, the man of great hubris and enlarged ego. The story goes like this:


INDRA is a prototype of a great warrior and leader. He came to fight the great Dragon VITRA who at that time personified draught and the resulting bad consequences of lack of water. INDRA won the battle, and the country was refreshed with the water of life. After winning INDRA was exhilarated and very proud of his success. Therefore, he decided to celebrate his victory by building an enormous palace. He called upon the great architect of the gods and the building begun. Yet, no matter how grand a luxurious the palace became, INDRA was constantly dissatisfied and wanted more. More rooms, more patios, more gardens, walls etc. Having won the battle he constantly demanded more work to the point that people could not respond to his demands and were very tired and down.

Eventually, the exhausted architect sought the help of VISHNU, the god of all creation to intercede and stop the arrogance and power-hungry INDRA. VISHNU came in as a beggar boy and entered by the side door of the huge building. This took the great king INDRA by surprise as the boy began to speak about the matter of the cycles of life and time. A mere child spoke so wisely about how this word in its fullness works and then only to disappear again.

As INDRA listened to this boy, he noticed a procession of ants entered the great hall of the palace and slowly made their way between INDRA and the beggar boy. The boy looked at the ants and laughed out loud. INDRA did not understand what was so funny and became worried. The boy pointed at the procession of ants and explained that each ant was formerly an INDRA. Each ant won many great battles and ascended to great heights of power, and each rode the crest wave of history. Each had become victorious and then, at the end, a lowly ant. Each victory lasted only for a moment as if a blink of the eye.

INDRA was shocked and instantly forgot his great plans and wild designs in the presence of genuine knowledge. The boy, who was WISHNA himself, helped INDRA to awaken to his ego dreams and in his awakened state, INDRA decided to leave all the trappings of fame and grandiosity and went to live in a cave high in the Himalayan mountains.


I do not expect that Putin will be enlightened no matter what story or facts will come to him from all over the world, but we all can learn from the story – that there is hope and hope is eternal.





Monday, February 28, 2022





Dear Reader,


March has always been a dark moth. Perhaps it is because in the northern hemisphere it is the transition from winter to spring. In the ancient Roman calendar, it was the time of settling debts and the assassination of Julius Caesar which made the Ides of March a turning point in Roman history.

March, then is symbolic, signifying a turning point of life as we live it. Covid pandemic created a global turn everywhere and now the Russian invasion of a democratic republic UKRAINE has made us all to reflect on what is the next turning point. To make this blog more significant and bolder, I am adding some reflections from people I know in Canada and add my own story of surviving the Communist ‘horde’ that took over Ukraine and many other countries after the WWII. I mention the HORDE as a name of ancient conquerors – the MONGOLS that in the 12th century invaded huge areas of what is now Middle East, Ukraine (Kyivan state) and northern China. Details of this story is well written in the book THE HORDE by Marie Farreau.

My story is very much what today the children in Ukraine are suffering and parents helping them to survive both mentally and physically. I remember the hiding in cellars when bombs fell, and airplanes were flying over much of Europe and all our family travelled by train to Slovakia and finally settled in Canada. My father died in a gulag when the Russian army invaded Ukraine in 1942,

I am adding here a note from my friend and namesake Ihor Popadynec MD as he reflects about the times in his life:

“I am a Canadian who was born during WWII who is very concerned about the dire circumstance in which the land of my birth now finds itself.

How unfortunate that America the Brave and President Biden, descendants of the defenders of the Alamo short centuries ago, have for months dodged the cry for help from a brave President and his loyal Ukrainian nation.  They, now hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned, have turned to the Bastion of Freedom and Democracy, for aid.  The pleas fell largely unheard onto the ears of a nation purporting herself to be the strongest on the globe and answered with lame excuses that the mad leader of their prime antagonist Russia has uttered insane threats regarding nuclear devices.  Is America herself bereft of that technology? Has the neutralizing doctrine of Mutual Assured Destruction which has kept humanity safe for decades of the cold war been relegated into obsolescence?  The enslaved and fearful Russians are awakening and will rise not allowing Putin's conflict to reach that level for their own and Russia's sake, stopping and relegating Putin to an institution for treatment he so badly needs.

The Russians have been injecting additional armour nonstop into the battle fields.  Re-supply of the Ukrainians is now crucial to continue their battle for survival.

 Supply convoys from adjacent NATO countries could get through and do it if given air cover for protection from the Russians.

It has to be done now !  Time is critical”


 Here is a short story for those who are not familiar about this event:

The significance of Russia’s missile attacks overnight and invasion of Ukraine cannot be overstated: The world order has been completely upended and another genocide unfolds. February 24, 2022, will go down in history as a dark day, as was February 24, 1920, when the German Nazi Party was founded. And the context matters: Putin's invasion is where his hero, Josef Stalin, starved to death at least 3.5 million Ukrainians in 1932 and 1933 for the crime of refusing to give up their farms to move into his communist collectives. Soldiers murdered farmers, village leaders, and priests then confiscated all harvests and livestock. This is known as “The Holodomor”, or mass extermination by starvation, and was declared by dozens of nations, the Vatican, and the European Union as “genocide”, or the destruction of a group or a nation. Putin’s unprovoked attack against a peaceful country, and denial of its right to exist, is not war. This is another Russian despot bent on destroying the Ukrainian people and eventually others.

Ukraine left the Soviet Union in 1991 but in 2014 Putin recaptured Crimea and some portions of Luhansk and Donetsk in the eastern part of the country. He said as attacks began, that he doesn’t want to occupy the entire place, only to “demilitarize” and “de-Nazify” it — statements based on two delusions: that the country is predatory and is “fascist, antisemitic, and intolerant toward its Russian-speaking citizens”. But one need only look at 2019 when Ukrainians voted overwhelmingly for their current President, Volodymyr Zelensky, who is Jewish, was born in Eastern Ukraine and was raised by Russian-speaking parents. On the night of his election, Zelensky, an entertainer known throughout the Russian-speaking world, said: “To all the peoples of the former Soviet Union. See what we’ve done here tonight. Anything is possible.”

To Putin, this was a declaration of war, especially coming from a celebrity. So was Ukraine’s refusal to accept the capture of Crimea and Donbas. Everything began to shift and another famous observer, Garry Kasparov, chess master and former Presidential candidate in Russia, recently noted. “Don’t believe anything the government says but take Putin’s words seriously … he’s sick. This is the end of the post-war WW2 order. We need to reconsider the idea of international security infrastructure against Putin, not involving him.”

This is an outrage against another one of history’s most victimized groups. Putin questions Ukraine’s legitimacy but Ukrainians have been there for centuries even after The Holodomor killed millions. In 1939, they were once again decimated after Stalin joined forces with Adolph Hitler – in the so-called Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact – to partition Poland. Shortly after they started their murderous spree, Hitler double-crossed Stalin and invaded Ukraine to conquer Moscow. The result was that millions more Ukrainians died – 1.4 million soldiers; 7 million civilians; and 500,000 Ukrainian Jews. Putin likes to tell the world that Russia lost the most people in World War II, but the brunt was borne by its colonies. Belarus lost 25 percent of its population; Ukraine roughly 17 percent of its population, and Latvia and Lithuania lost 14 or 15 percent respectively.

Now Belarus has been recaptured by Russia and an assault is underway in Ukraine, and possibly beyond. Bombing raids last week began the onslaught, designed to knock out military infrastructure across the country and demoralize the populace in order to bring about a speedy surrender. There is panic already and estimates are that full engagement with Ukraine’s force of 250,000 combat troops could result in horrendous casualties. Putin has a “hit list” of leaders, journalists, and activists who will be assassinated or sent to gulags after occupation. The country’s economy — and Russia’s — are cratering. Sanctions and diplomacy are now pointless on the long run.

The world will now watch, in real-time, the destruction of an innocent, democratic nation, abandoned by the West as a result of 30 years of appeasement and collaboration with Russia by Europeans. And once Ukraine’s government caves, Putin will hold Europe hostage by stopping natural gas supplies, that now flow through Ukraine’s pipeline system. He will demand that his NordStream 2 pipeline be put into operation; that NATO withdraws from Eastern Europe and that the West drop all sanctions against Russia and its elite.

Putin’s playbook - British Defense Ministry:

Slow-motion carnage will unfold on television if there is no quick surrender. Bombs will rain down on beautiful cities, apartment blocks, schools, hospitals, churches, and squares. Footage will once more show European families fleeing, children orphaned, defenceless elderly people, and a culture torn asunder. Casualties could be catastrophic and it’s more likely that 10 million, not 5 million, Ukrainians will flee to Europe, creating a humanitarian disaster lasting years.

The world has permanently changed. Markets crash. The United Nations, with Russia as a member with a veto, is no longer functional if it ever was. The European Union without an army and cohesion cannot last, nor can NATO. An America without strong alliances is unsustainable and a nuclear Russia run by Putin — hellbent to destroy ethnic groups and nations and the international order — represents the greatest threat in the history of the world.


Diane Francis – (Stanford University) states:

“Vladimir Putin has launched a massive military assault on Ukraine, with the stated purpose of overthrowing the democratically-elected regime there and replacing it with one subservient to Moscow. Russian forces have arrived in the suburbs of Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv.

Ukraine is a country I know well. My center at Stanford University has run a series of leadership training programs for mid-career Ukrainian activists and officials who are trying to reform their country, and I have visited to teach there many times. Ukraine suffers from high levels of corruption, but my personal experience has convinced me that there is a rising new generation of Ukrainians imbued with democratic values, and who want to join Europe rather than a kleptocratic Russia. I take the invasion very personally: many of my friends—human rights activists, journalists, anti-corruption campaigners—would be the first targets of a pro-Moscow regime were it to come to power.

Prior to the invasion, many observers believed that Putin was bluffing, and that the Biden administration was hyping the threat. The Russian troop build-up and Russian propaganda revived the long-standing discussion in Europe and the US of how NATO expansion threatened Russia, and that the United States was in part responsible for the present situation. There were calls from many “realists” to grant Russia a sphere of influence over the territory of the former USSR, and to negotiate the neutralization of Ukraine.

These arguments were weak even before the invasion: Ukrainian entry into NATO was purely theoretical; no one had pushed for this since 2008, and the Ukrainian military was heavily overmatched by the 190,000 Russian troops gathering on their borders.

In the past week, the Russians have put forward a series of increasingly ridiculous justifications for its actions: that Ukraine was a fascist, neo-Nazi state, that it was committing genocide against the Russian-speaking population of Donbas or was contemplating a huge military operation against Russia. The invasion has made all of these claims utterly hollow. It is crystal clear now that the threat runs only in one direction, from Russia to Ukraine, and indeed, to every country that borders on Russia, and beyond.

Putin’s motives are not hard to fathom since he has talked at length about his worldview and strategic objectives. He stated some years ago that the dissolution of the USSR was the greatest tragedy of the 20th century. In a long article last summer, and in the rambling speech he gave on the eve of the invasion, he stated that Ukraine was not an independent nation but an essential part of Russia, one that did not have the right to a separate identity and existence. The demands made of NATO in the discussions that have taken place in recent weeks indicate that Moscow cares not just about Ukraine, but the entire European order created in the wake of the fall of the Berlin Wall. It has demanded that NATO cease any military support not just for Ukraine, but for all the countries that joined the organization from the 1990s onwards. He wants, in other words, to restore as much of the former USSR as possible, to neutralize Eastern Europe and turn it into a buffer zone, and to undo the entire post-1991 settlement of a “Europe whole and free.”

A democratic Ukraine does in fact threaten Putin—not the Russian people, but Putin’s view that democracy is not suitable for Slavic peoples, who according to him naturally gravitate towards strong, centralized leadership. The success of a democratic Ukraine and its desire to join Europe suggests that something similar could happen in Russia as well, which would spell the end of Putin and Putinism. Therefore, he would never have settled for a neutral Ukraine that foreswore NATO membership—as long as it remained a democracy, it would undermine his narrative and would need to be eliminated.

We are currently at a critical juncture in world history. If Putin succeeds in overthrowing democracy in Ukraine and replacing it with a puppet regime, he will have set a terrible precedent for the use of naked force. China will take a cue from this, as it contemplates options for re-incorporating Taiwan. The US and NATO will have been humiliated, and a signal will go out across the world that American promises of support are hollow and cooperation among democracies non-existent.

On the other hand, it is just possible that Putin has made a blunder of monumental proportions. The invasion has triggered massive protests in Russia itself; even propagandists and diplomats promoting the Russian line have been taken aback by the fact that the invasion actually happened. It has unified the Ukrainian people like nothing else, and they have shown incredible willingness to fight back. In military terms, Putin does not have remotely enough forces to control a country of nearly 40 million people, or even a city like Kyiv with 2.8 million inhabitants. NATO has been unified in imposing stiff sanctions, including German agreement to cancel the Nordstream II gas pipeline. The Russian offensive may bog down in house-to-house fighting and produce massive casualties among Ukrainians but will also lead to large numbers of Russians returning home in body bags. Russians are already astonished that their military investments are being used in the first instance to kill fellow Slavs and destroy a country with which they feel close kinship.

The outcome of the war in Ukraine will also affect domestic politics in the United States. Former President Trump has over the years expressed admiration for Vladimir Putin, a pattern that has continued up to the past week when he called Putin a “genius” for declaring the independence of parts of Ukraine. Democracies do not decay out of an ideological choice for authoritarian government, the way they might have affirmed Marxism-Leninism. They decay because of an admiration for strength and strong men who can get away with big actions outside the bounds of the checks and balances that exist in rule-of-law countries. If Putin succeeds in his aggression in Ukraine and the Republican Party follows Trump in his admiration for what he has done, then it will be making a decisive break with fundamental American democratic values. This will consolidate the authoritarian turn the party took by affirming the January 6th attack on the US Capitol. Given the importance of the United States to the maintenance of a liberal world order more broadly, this will be a very bad development for the free world.


I am asking all readers to help Ukraine in any way you can and reflect on how we all can STOP that madman from hurting all freedom loving people.


Children hiding from bombs in subway tunnels in Kyiv, Ukraine