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We are rapidly approaching the second half of 2020. This year has already created a sense of a new reality or new normal. Earlier this year, I reflected on the Chinese astrological name for 2020 – THE YEAR OF THE RAT. The rat symbolises “the midnight” and an earthy quality. It also means A RENEWAL. This symbol is also the first in the rotation of the 12 Zodiac signs in China. It is the beginning!

My own intuitive thinking is that the rat is also a scavenger and a carrier of viruses. It symbolises the shadow aspects of life.

As we are now experiencing a global pandemic, where an unknown virus is running out of control, killing thousands all over the globe and thus altering completely the way we are accustomed to live our daily life. But it is also a time of great opportunity to speed up the climate change plans, to clean up the coal energy plants, to use less plastic( see the news below) and produce electric transportation.

Now is the time to activate the cleaning up of our waste, to clear the oceans of garbage, and insure a sustainable future of all humankind. We have lived too long in a dark veil that we cannot see and now the virus (Covid-19) is giving all of us a clear message: “All humans, you must make serious changes the way you live. How you use resources, how you only care about making money – if not, the consequences will be catastrophic and apocalyptic for the next generations”, No politician can ‘fix it’ and if hope is an eternal belief we must begin NOW to take personal response-ability and start lifting the veil and enter the light of the SOUL. This is what my mentor Michael Meade says:

“A primary meaning of apocalypse is “lifting the veil,” both uncovering what was covered up and discovering things previously unknown. An example of the kind of surprising discovery that can happen in troubled times appeared recently. Astronomers identified a cosmic curtain of thousands of galaxies just beyond our Milky Way. Although enormous and relatively close, this expansive system of galaxies had been obscured by the dust of an area called the Zone of Avoidance.

This cosmic event can also be symbolic of the human psyche, where we can have inner zones of denial and avoidance that obscure insights and illuminating meanings that can expand, enrich, and enliven our lives. During all the current crises on Earth, it's important to know that there can also be the emergence of hidden truths appearing like stars that were formerly obscured. (my addition: Note the star-like Covid-19).

One way to imagine this potential inner lifting of the veil is through the psychological dynamic of fate and destiny. Fate involves all that limits us in life, while destiny calls us to find and follow our star. In avoiding fateful issues in our lives, we build the inner zones of avoidance. When we face our fate, we can find the inner “twist of fate” that reveals and aligns us with our destiny in life.

At this time, we are being called to find the courage, both collectively and individually, to face aspects of fate that constrict our lives and darken our world. The cosmos wants us to know that just beyond the zones of denial and avoidance there are unseen stars, bright ideas, and brilliant flashes of imagination that can light a multitude of pathways through this troubled world. Michael Meade


Note: His essays have appeared in To Be A Man, Tending the Fire, Wingspan, Walking Swiftly, and The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart. The latter is an anthology of poetry, which he edited with Robert Bly and James Hillman. His book Men and the Water of Life: Initiation and the Tempering of Men was published in 1993 by Harper San Francisco. He is the author of the books The Water of Life, The World Behind the World, Fate and Destiny, the Two Agreements in Life, and Why the World Doesn't End, Tales of Renewal in Times of Change. He frequently contributes essays to Huffington Post,[2] and Sun Magazine. Meade uses story, song, and mythology, as a means of discovery for others to find their inner wisdom and inherent gifts.


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Dear Reader,

 Recently, I was reflecting on the SOUL. Having a lot of time in self-isolation due to the Covid-19 epidemic, and in hose three months in “lockdown” I turned my reflections on the Human Soul.

For many years, as a gestalt therapist and teacher, I often came across the teachings of Gautama Buddha. One day, I noticed a Netflix series about the life of Buddha. Having read the book “Siddhartha” by Herman Hesse, I became very intrigued and watched the series on my computer. The series, "The Life of Buddha", opened, even more, my curiosity about the teachings of Buddha that are still very much alive all over the world.

The current global disaster of a pandemic is a clear opportunity to deeply reflect and act about what direction is humanity taking in all aspects of life. We need strong and effective healing strategies to wake us all into a new reality socially, environmentally, and politically. We need to shift the outmoded education systems for the young and adult generations. My colleague and author of SOULCRAFT states:

 “Contemporary society has lost touch with the soul and the path to psychological and spiritual maturity, or true adulthood. Instead, we are encouraged to create lives of predictable security, false normality, material comfort, bland entertainment, and the illusion of eternal youth. Most of our leaders — political, cultural, and economic — represent and defend a non-sustainable way of life built upon military aggression, the control and exploitation of nature’s “resources,” and an entitled sense of national security that ignores the needs of other species, other nations, tribes, and races, and our own future generations. These values do not reflect our deeper human nature.”

Plotkin, Bill. Soulcraft: Crossing into the Mysteries of Nature and Psyche (p. 1)

My own way to search for a better human in this 21st century took me to a small book (no more than 20 pages) by the Buddhist monk THICK NHAT HANH. In the early years of the Vietnam war, he promoted peace there and by actively participating in the Paris peace conference, and finally, he was nominated for the Nobel Peace prize by Rev. Martin Luther King.

In this blog, I want to introduce his teachings, based on Buddhist scriptures, called “THE EIGHT REALIZATIONS OF THE GREAT BEINGS” (Parallax Press,1987). I will refocus these realizations on our practice of psychotherapy.

1.       This first realization states that the world is impermanent. In the gestalt practice is the awareness that all is process, and nothing is fixed. We are constantly being in the process of shifting and changing and the mind is the source of all confusion (read neurotic symptoms). The body is the source of all suffering.

2.       This second realization is the awareness that human beings are in constant turmoil due to greed, desires, fantasies, and so on. In therapy, we learn to relax and be clearer about being empty of desires. The choice is ours to change.

3.       The third realization is that the neurotic mind is always busy for some happiness that is not available. Working in groups we learn how we shut reality of the here and now and fly away in our searching mind. Healing happens by sharing with others.

4.       Laziness is an obstacle to practice in the now, is the fourth realization. Such avoidances like projections, retroflection, confluence, and deflections are ways we avoid clear contact with our world in the here and now. (see my book Risking Being Alive for definitions of these avoidances.)

5.       The fifth realization is that ignorance is the major cause of constant struggles with self. All people must seek a good teacher, read the wise texts, and have a deeper understanding of what is. Finally, decide for yourself what you want in life.

6.       Poverty of mind, body, and soul leads to hatred, anger, and negative thoughts that provoke the crises we experience in society. Develop strategies of sharing and give equal respect for everyone will lead to a more peaceful world.

7.       All difficulties in relationships come from greed, ambition, gluttony, laziness, and competition of Ego self, is the seventh realization. Coupes therapy and group therapy are some strategies to clear those unhealthy behaviours that lead to much social evil.

8.       The eighth realization is the awareness that we are all afraid of death and therefore develop many ways to deflect from this reality. This causes endless suffering for self and others. Soul guides are available everywhere and in gestalt therapy, we practice the guidance of developing compassion, respect, and humility in creating a sense of joy and love inside.

I encourage everybody reading these realizations that stem from 3,000 or more years of wisdom. To meditate and reflect deeply and use them as spiritual ‘tools’ to become ensouled and seek a more peaceful and prosperous humanity.



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